Technology Makes the Difference

  • Assembly can rotate, reciprocate, & launch balls, darts on the fly simultaneously
  • Flow-around internal launch cage custom made to ensure darts or balls do not deform
  • Inspection ports that allow darts or balls to be viewed in the tool without disassembly
  • Immediate manual override of assembly
  • Self resetting LED tattletale indicator
  • Two or four drop chambers for darts (all types) or wiper balls or combination of both
  • Hard rubber or Nerf (foam type ball) up to 6 5/8" Model II will accommodate up to an 8" Nerf
  • Upper/lower (actuated) lite torc Kelly safety valve 15k 10M psi manual override
  • Double chamber each side for dropping trip activation liner balls up to 2 7/8" (actuated)
  • Allows immediate open & closing of Kelly safety valves & low torc during job
  • 2" thru 4" 1502 (interchangeable) Weco connection (double-sided) no welds
  • Actuated pull pins w/ manual override or manual operation
  • 7" diameter cage to handle darts/balls flows around dart/ball (fins are protected and not deformed or washed out)
  • Unit can be hydro tested with dart/ball loaded (no differential pressure) other companies cannot, ensuring reliability
  • Assembly consists of a handling pup joint, top Kelly safety valve, side entry sub, lower Kelly well control valve and lower pup joint with plug valve
  • Assembly bucked together in basket for easy pickup and use
  • Offshore tools available in 6 5/8", 9 5/8" and 13 3/8" sizes
  • Onshore and shelf tools available in 5 1/2", 9 5/8" and 13 3/8" sizes

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