Technology Makes the Difference

  • Both upper & lower—holds both ways up to 15k psi and meets API Spec 7
  • Bearing system instead of Teflon seal to prevent stem lock
  • Helix support platform allows a small tolerance of movement so valve is not pressure locked
  • Small weep hole allows fluid inside the ball when closed so there is no differential pressure preventing ball pressure lock
  • Dart-friendly feature allows smooth dart transition similar to ID transitions on crossovers 30° or less
  • 6⅝ FH, 5 ½ FH, 4½ IF, 3½ IF, 4½ XH, XT-57, XTM-57, XT-39, HT-55, and many other exotic connections
  • Recently designed for a major GOM client: 25K psi safety valve & IBOP


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