Technology Makes the Difference


Safer operation

Our remote operated cement head eliminates trips into the derrick and risky manual operation. It allows safe remote operation of all pin pullers, ball droppers, Kelly valves and low-torque valves through a control panel console on the rig floor. Plus, our exclusive rotating cement head design allows even and consistent slurry placement downhole to reduce blowouts, leaks and environmental hazards.

Pursuing innovation

Our R&D engineers continually seek ways to improve our designs, develop complementary technologies and eliminate the "human error" factor from operations. Unique advantages like our electronic tattle tale, flow-around cage, Fast-Lok connections, makeup systems and inspection ports are the result of our unending pursuit of better solutions.

From swivels that ensure optimal displacement of downhole fluids to dual-wiper plugs for the largest casing strings, Blackhawk’s arsenal of cement heads and complementary tools assures safe, high quality and cost-effective results at every phase of the cementing process.

We offer the only electronic tattle tale in the industry, consisting of a bright light and audible signal for positive indication of the dart, wiper balls or plug release.

Conserving costly rig time

Our patented flow-around cage design speeds loading and allows circulation while the head is loaded. Only Blackhawk tools allow technicians to pump, rotate and launch objects simultaneously. There’s no need to slow down or stop pumps before or during a launch, as the head is self-cleaning without any additional valve manipulation.


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