Safe, Responsible Operations


Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Blackhawk is committed, at every level, to conducting our business in a manner that protects the environment, and the safety and health of our employees, contractors, and communities in which we live and work.

Blackhawk Specialty Tools is committed to continuously provide our employees with the resources to make incident-free operations achievable. This includes hands–on training, I3P training, in-house training, CBT, as well as daily mentoring and updates from Management to each employee in each district and department.

Mission ZERO – in which Blackhawk aspires to have ZERO injuries, ZERO accidents and ZERO harm to the environment – begins by integrating the ideas and experience of each and every one of us. It includes achieving full compliance with all of our regulatory obligations.

Blackhawk Specialty Tools takes a personal approach to Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental Protection. The HSSE Department works side-by-side with managers to create, implement, and monitor programs and goals that are custom fit, reasonable, understandable, measurable, behavioral, and attainable. Blackhawk Specialty Tools strives to exceed the expectations set forth by regulatory agencies and our clients and to deliver products and personnel that are able to aid in harnessing Earth’s most precious resources, leaving a legacy of incident- free operations and responsible stewardship for future generations to come.

Being a responsible company means we strive towards excellence in our own performance and that of our organization. It is our continuing effort to improve, excel, identify, and solve issues before they become problems.


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